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I’ve always been a believer in active engagement online.

Unlike traditional businesses and our way of life before the Internet, social media, and the forums, this is the age of interaction, engagement, sharing, caring, and trust.

When you give, you just get. No other time in history than right now stands testimony to that.

AffiliateFix is a popular – and free forum – for affiliate marketers (both newbies and veterans) and they run an ongoing contest (Sponsored by Mobicow) each month for affiliate marketers who are just starting out.

The entry point to the contest is simple: post your journey in affiliate marketing (also called as a follow along) and you could be lucky winner.

Like I was, for the month of August, 2016. I just won $500 off that contest and I am thrilled about it.

It’s just been a month since I actively started participating on the forum while simultaneously launching campaigns for testing and I was automatically enrolled into the contest (didn’t even know) and I ended up winning it.

The point of the post is not to brag about it (since it’s not really an achievement, and it’s only a mark of serendipity).

Yet, one thing is for sure: when you set your heart and mind to what you want to do, good things begin to happen.

Out of nowhere, you’ll start making connections that just too good to have. You’ll inspire others and you’d get inspired yourself. You’d find a way to fix your problems, find solutions to problems, and you’d be well on your path to success.

Affiliate Marketing is hard, when you choose to do it the right way and when you treat it as a serious business.

  • It has no place for quick-money seekers.
  • It’s no field to be in when you want money today.
  • If you can’t spend, you won’t last.
  • Multi-tasking, management, productivity, efficiency, skills, and attention to detail – these are all required, on demand.

If you just started your affiliate marketing journey, I implore you to join AffiliateFix and post your cool “follow along” thread. Document your journey. Make yourself proud.

Who knows, you could win the AffiliateFix + Mobicow Contest too.

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