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Affiliate marketing is a huge industry worldwide. Thanks to the burst of activity for ecommerce in India, many merchants have started affiliate programs to woo Indian affiliates with a potentially large user base collectively.

That’s good. Just not good enough.

Starting a blog, growing your audience, and attracting huge traffic to your website is no joke — no matter what you’ve heard on the web, on forums, and any other sources.

Indian affiliate programs pay shit. If you need to work hard and make money from your blog, you’d need an incentive.

Building your audience is a good incentive alright, but you have bills to pay too. You can’t just be writing away to death just to survive on Google Adsense or working with Indian affiliate programs that don’t pay you much.

You are not Limited to affiliate marketing programs in India

The world has gone borderless. You could launch a blog in India but you could do affiliate marketing for absolutely any product or service.

For instance, let’s say you want to start a travel blog in India. You don’t just have to pick Makemytrip or HelloTravel. You could also work withSkyscannerr, Booking.com, and many more travel affiliate programs available globally.

Even if you wanted to specifically target audiences in The United States or The United Kingdom, you could. Even if you were in India, or Brazil, or Guetamala.

I don’t even understand why more than 300 million Indians go looking for “Indian affiliate programs” or “Affiliate Marketing Programs in India”. I just don’t get it.

I just don’t get it.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Affiliate marketing is like any other business. It takes a lot of time — and effort along with money or time or both — to bring traffic to your website, and to grow your audience to the point that you actually make money each month.

According to Melanie of Lifehacker, only a mere 4% of bloggers make a reasonable amount of money per month. A vast majority don’t even touch anywhere between $500- $1000 per month.

Given all that, why would you want to choose any affiliate program that doesn’t even pay you a respectable commission? I am not against just Indian affiliate marketing programs; I am against any affiliate program that doesn’t pay you enough.

The world is your oyster

For one, don’t start another blog on mobile phone reviews. Unless you have a relationship or marriage issues site, don’t enroll yourself with Shaadi or Matrimony.com affiliate programs.

See? Even if you had a blog that focuses on “divorce” for instance, promoting Shaadi is not a good fit. Maybe secondshaadi is?

The most important criteria to choose the right affiliate program is relevance. Beyond that: the criteria to choose your affiliate marketing programs are as follows:

  • Is the product or service you are looking to promote relate to your topics, niche, or business?
  • Do you think you can generate enough content — or generate content forever — to help promote the affiliate merchant’s program?
  • Is there enough potential for the product or service?
  • Is the product or service national or global?
  • Would you be able to use the product yourself?

Once you can roughly get the answers to the questions above, you’d realize that the world is your oyster. You can pick any program, anywhere in the world. Period.

Are you still stuck with affiliate marketing programs in India that pay you peanuts? Tell me about it.

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