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Blogs are everywhere.

Further, It’s likely that you’ll start a blog for your own business. As for most things in life – be it your own self, your job, your business, pitching your products or services to your clients, convincing others to do your errands for you, managing and motivating employees – you’ll have to hustle and take initiative. Most bloggers (individual or corporate) miss the power of blog commenting entirely.

Here’s how you can make the most out of your commenting efforts:

Pick favorites relevant to your niche, and dominate

If you don’t dominate, you don’t exist. It’s easy for this “special” comment you made on a particular blog post in the intimidating sea of comments. Also, it’s hard to justify any benefits from your commenting efforts if you choose blogs at random (If you did 20 comments a day and 30 days a month, can you imagine the number of comments you need to keep track of, each with flowing conversations?).

Go strategic.

Pick your favorite blogs (where the readers of those blogs are likely to be your readers too).  Once you narrow down your list of blogs, begin to dominate the scene on all blogs.

Your little goal for this month: Choose five blogs and be the top commentator on all five of them.

Don’t bother commenting if there’s no opinion

Have an opinion because that’s one of those things that give some juice to your personality. The anonymity of the Internet will encourage intense discussions based on your rather strong, possibly provoking, Intelligent, and opinionated comment.

So be it. Let them squirm; retort, condemn or attack you. Keep calm and go about responding to those comments trying to throw light on your opinion.

Engage in a conversation though, not in a digital fight fest

Are your comments more valuable than the original blog post?

Do you need a quick check to see if your commenting efforts are on par? Check to see for responses (or do a self-check) on whether or not your comment on a particular blog post offers more value than the original article or blog post itself. It happens sometimes and those who write such comments usually become popular.

Others will want to check you out and that’s added exposure for yourself, your blog, and/or your business.

Don’t throw in that comment for you, do it for others

It’s hard to be in the “giving” mode, I get it. But that’s the only way it works. Never spam. Don’t ever push anything remotely sales-like. Have a “no marketing” policy in your daily efforts to publish comments across your chosen set of blogs.

When you write out that comment, think about how it helps other readers. What value do they get from reading your little paragraph? Does it give food for thought? Does it provide a new idea?  Does it pour life to an otherwise boring topic?

Blog commenting, when done right, can single handedly fetch you tons of traffic, help you build a loyal bunch of readers, and catapult your blog to the top lists.
Do you want to do it the right way?

Hangout at Forums & Online Communities

There’s blogging, there’s social media, and then there’s a new wave that took the Internet by a storm – Social Search. Popularly known as Q & A sites, these full-fledged discussion powerhouses are the new intellectual cooler rooms for almost anyone with any sort of interest to go out and have meaningful conversations.

Linked In Answers, Stack,, are all important, thriving Q & A sites which sees the best of the people on the Internet come together to form a venerable pool of knowledge.

Unlike search engines that still struggle to bring in a better understanding the ever-mysterious search query, Social Search (or Q & A) has something beautiful working for it: the questions and answers are completely human. It’s people answering other people’s questions.

How cool is that?

So why are these important for your business looking to thrive in the new economy? What should you do with Q & A sites?

Develop real relationships

Forget traffic, sales, and return on investment for a while. What’s fun without making a few friends on the way? In an almost lonely journey of entrepreneurship, relationships come at a premium, don’t they? Since Q & A sites are full of real people, why not try to make a few connections? Of course, you’ll be doing a lot of writing and content creation but picking up some valuable relationships pays off really well. Connect with others. Get to know them a little. You’ll be glad you did.

Help others and establish credentials
I advocated that “Giving is the new way of getting”.

That holds good for Q & A sites too. Focus on contribution and value. Make these two words your guiding lights. Answer the questions you think can and give it your best. Let others feel good with your generosity. Eventually, you’ll start getting back a lot of what you gave and more.

Blogging Commenting at other sites = Digital Footprint = more traffic

Oh yes, you are a marketer and you’d want to know what’s in it for you, don’t you? The more questions you answer (in the way those questions should be answered) and the more relationships you make in any one or more Q & A sites, the more “digital stamps” you leave. The more exposure your posts get, the more traffic your websites/blogs get.

Simple enough an equation, isn’t it?

Use the knowledge pool to arm yourself

Why are we forgetting that all the while you and I spend time in Q & A sites trying to ask questions and find answers, we are unconsciously immersing ourselves in a method of learning?

The whole time spent on these sites automatically makes you aware of a lot of information, which you can then apply, to your own self and your business.
Learn from Q & A sites. Get found. Establish your authority. Show off your skills. There are multiple benefits from Q & A sites.

Are you going to meet me there?

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