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Call it the “recession” or “bad times” or “Economic Woes” – you just have to figure out a way to survive the new economy. What’s so special about it, you ask?

Well, for one: it’s extremely competitive. While technology does make things simple, it also complicates life for a lot of people. What used to be “money making skills” earlier aren’t so anymore. Second, skills that make money for you are available for everyone to learn. Third: knowledge is omnipresent.

Why am I talking so much about skills? Is it to tell you that you don’t have any?

Absolutely not!

If you are reading this, it tells me that you are already driven and that you are looking for something better – a way to fund your dreams, a means to be financially debt free, or maybe even to make just that little extra each month so as to allow yourself little luxuries in life. Here’s what you need to understand to survive in the new economy:

Skills make money, period

No matter who you are and what you’ve accomplished so far, you’ll know – at least now – that if there’s anything you’ll make money from, it’s your skills. Skills could be purely technical or transferable. No matter what skills you possess, that’s what makes money for you. Remember that I did not mention education and experience.

Almost anyone who sits through college gets a degree and if you manage to “exist” in a company, you have experience too. Since those two are so easy to get, it’s your skills and your confidence that’ll differentiate you from scores of others who are bound to compete with you.

Competition? It’s global now – like it or not

Once upon a time, you had to compete with just a few people. Today, you compete with the world. Let’s say you are a copywriter and you are based in the United States. You face competition from copywriters from so many different countries that you’d find it hard to believe.

Guess what? Some of those copywriters can work for fraction of the cost and perhaps they could deliver better. Ditto for computer based skills such as designing, programming, and even accounting. So where do you stand in this “competitive scheme of things”?

One skill won’t do

I am not saying that specialists are not in demand; they certainly are. They also charge a lot higher compared to generalists. Yet, if specialists could do with one single competency or skill earlier, they now need mastery of more one tool or skill set.  Earlier, a PHP and MySQL developer could manage with just this skill set. Today, the same developer is also required to know HTML, HTML5, CSS3, a bit of Ajax, JavaScript, and jQueries – you get the drift, don’t you?

Of course, it’s hard to keep up with all this, in addition to your work and then come home to give time for your family. Yet, you have no choice but to be the best in this new economy – an economy that punishes the lazy, awards the action-takers, and keeps the arena equal.

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