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Why You Need Sales Skills?

If You Can’t Sell, You Shouldn’t be in Business.

You’d find it hard to survive in life. I mean this: and I’d say that over and over again until you begin to think and do something about it.

I find it amusing when some people prepare to get into business, make plans about launching new products and services, and some even prepare to set aside some money to start their businesses. They would do everything but they openly declare that they “Don’t like to sell”.

If you can’t sell, you can’t live

If you can’t sell, then you should go back to doing something else. I got bad news for you: it’ll be difficult for you “everywhere”.

You won’t get that job. You won’t get a promotion if you do manage to get a job. At home, you won’t be able to persuade your children or to convince them on anything. You’ll have a tough time to deal with friends, relatives, acquaintances, or even strangers.

If your thinking goes:

“Damn it! I don’t have to prove to others who I am”,

You’d be doing absolutely nothing remarkable in life. You’ll remain a “nobody”.


Humans are social animals (you can’t mess up with the ultimate truth of evolution, no matter how smart you and I think we are). We need other people to do absolutely anything we want to do in life.

You need to be able to persuade (which is selling), if you:

  • Had to ask a friend for help.
  • Ask a girl out for a date.
  • Request your parents to allow you to live with them ( to save on rent, maybe?)
  • Convince your interviewers that you are the best person for the job.
  • Convince your boss that you are the best choice for promotion.
  • Impress your banker to give you a loan – to start a business, buy a home, or to buy a car.
  • Have to lead and manage a team.
  • Had to teach your children manners.
  • Convince your spouse about your new investment plans.

You see where I am going with this? C’mon. All you do in sales is to help strangers “buy” something they would want to buy anyway.

Sales is not a job; it’s an act of persuasion

The first thing you should remember is that sales is the name we have for a job that involves high levels of persuasion. When you sell, you bring out the best in you to persuade your customers to buy. The old fashioned way of calling up your customers or meeting them a million times to show your convoluted, pitiful face to “sell something” is out of fashion. The right way to sell is ensconced in good old persuasive skills.

How can you be persuasive?

You can be highly charming, persuasive, and you can make irresistible offers when you “know” what you are talking about. Knowledge is the key. Kicking in with the knowledge is the whole set of skills you’d need to convince strangers such as the right body language, judicious use of words, understanding your customers, adapting to your customers’ language and body language patterns (so that you can relate better).

You get no salaries (or pay) without someone selling something, somewhere

You might not like to hear this (and I am not here to make you “like” me), but the designers, teachers, programmers, pilots, engineers, doctors, and many people from various professions wouldn’t earn a penny without someone taking the trouble to sell.

Sales people drive the economy; they are at the core of all capitalism. Without sales, there are no businesses. Without businesses, there are no jobs created for you. All those dreams of “getting a job” are being fuelled by hard working sales people (CEOs & small business owners are included) who work hard to sell products and services.

If you are a business owner who had to start by selling all by yourself or if you are a sales person reading this, please note: You have the most difficult, well rewarded, most satisfying, and the most important job in the world. Everyone one else in the world is “living” on the “Salary, revenue, or profits” that “happened” because a sales person just sold a great product to a customer.

You are a coward if you can’t sell

Yes, you are. You’ll hate me but you can’t avoid that nagging voice in your head. Actually, you are “Selling” in many ways, everyday. You just don’t call it a “Sales Transaction”. If you can’t convince someone to do something, you aren’t trying. It could be that “anti-sales” thing again.

To sell, convince, persuade, or to get people to do something (for your benefit or for their own), you need to be brave. You should be able to withstand rejections. You should let it pass. You should have the gumption to handle the crap that gets thrown your way. Perhaps you’ll have to handle the complexity of human transactions such as miserable excuses, over-zealous expectations, and other cranky human ways.

Don’t belittle sales jobs. Avoid making the sweeping stereotyping that any sales job or any business where you’d be forced to meet customers to sell your products and services is the worst thing you had to do.

Flash news: it’s the best thing you ever had to do. Without you knowing it, you just made a beginning to change your life for good. Even the miserable, douchebag, unproductive employee just made a sale by convincing the world that he’s an idiot.

What do you think?

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