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Successful Entrepreneurs don’t have it easy. They are supposed to wake up before the world does, do more than an average person can in a day, and yet be left nothing but the fruits of her labor. It’s another thing that when done right, the fruit basket gets very appealing indeed.

Not all of us get it right. Our mornings are vulnerable — what with everyone demanding our time, things that need to get off the table, and so much to do and time just seems to pass.

Following and learning from some of the most successful entrepreneurs, here’s what you should do, every morning:


I am guilty of skipping it on and off. This is, however, one of the first things you ought to do. Yes, I know we all make promises to ourselves until the day comes when our muscles atrophy and we vegetate.

The only recourse I have for this point here is that I at least ride a bike to work. Cycling is the only saviour for me now.

What do you do?

Do the “Fear to do” tasks

We have a “to do” list, and a “fear-to-do” list, don’t we? Mornings are incredibly energetic periods of time and this is when you should attack at least one item off that list. You don’t have to get it right. You don’t even have to complete. You just have to do it.

Do what’s important

I have a friend who’d waste at least 15 minutes packing dry fruits and nuts, and another good 15 minutes packing food. Food and good health is certainly important for all of us.

If it was so important (but not urgent), this kind of work could have been better done the previous night (at least for the dry fruits). It’s not about dry fruits; it’s about prioritisation.

Not everything demands your attention immediately.

Prioritise. Then, act.

Get off to work. Fast

How soon can you get to work? No, really? Put a number out there. A slow wakeup routine, a long commute, and a lazy bum approach to “getting to work” doesn’t help. This won’t cut it for entrepreneurs, even for those who “work from home”. I can get to work in 5 minutes. If I have to commute, it’s 15 minutes max. What about you?

When you are done with these awesome ways to start your day, see what some of the most successful people do before breakfast, thanks to Shawn Achor, Author of The Happiness Advantage.

What do you do every morning?

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